Wiki Link History Page

Link to a history tab of last years group on this subject

This is a link to the wikipedia page on abortion. As one can see in the history, there is quite a bit of revising constantly going on there, and who knows how accurate it is.

This is a link to a wiki about the death penalty, there seems to be alot of changes and action going on in the history tab.

The evolution vs. intelligent design debate is a controversial topic in many circles today, and the history of this Wikipedia article about intelligent design shows that the article is modified quite often. Some of the changes are just minor punctuation or grammar fixes, but some change the wording of the text. So, depending on the view of the person who last revised the page, you may get different information each time you read it.

This is a link to the wikipedia page on Kanye West. Lately he's been a topic of controversy and discussion, and as you can see from the history, the wikipedia page on him has been edited a lot. Some of the changes and deletions on the page are even because of "unnecessary" and "biased" comments. Clearly you can't trust everything you read on wikipedia!

This is a link to a Wiki Project about Health care issues and the different approaches of Barack Obama and John McCain. The changes made to this wiki were the adding of information and gramerical changes throughout. This was a school project, therefore, most sources obtained were from educational websites and reliable news sources.
This Wiki is a very basic overview of celtic symbols and ideas. Not much about archaeology, and unfortunately very little that is actually scholarly information.

This link is to the history page of a wiki about same-sex marriage. The moajority of the edits done on the page have been done by two or three people, so there hasn't been a ton of people changing things around which I think is good. Most of the edits completed had been minor edits, and certain things have been removed after discovery that sources were not correct, or did not pertain to the subject in the way they were used which is good because it will keep the wiki more accurate and scholarly.
same-sex marriage wiki history page